Travelling via train when we all students of pharmacy college going for celebrating Holidays.

He was standing at door, train was in full speed.
He was lost in thoughts, i felt he called me through eyes, didn’t know why but his calling surprised me and gave birth to goose bumps .
My thoughtful brain stopped working and my legs moved towards him with lots of questions in eyes. I was in front of him. He was normal . He opened his bag and taken out his thought from it , maroon, velvety flower like folded thing and gave me with “I love you” . Surprised but expecting for because he likes me , everyone knows it.
I was surprised because of place and time he chose. I normalised my self and peeped in his eyes which were hiding fear about my refusal and at the same time bright and cheerful about my acceptance. He was trying to be normalised which he was not .His heart beats could be heard by me . He shifted his black and green bag on his soldiers again . By comforting himself he raised that gift towards me . Its beautiful heart shaped velvety balloon toy with small nozzle to fill air in it.
His face had mix glow of nervousness and confidence and told to fill air in it.
When I touched it with lips , he told “ this heart is mine without you . it will shrink If isn’t blown by you. Its nozzle’s mouth are my lips and as you touch it with your lips and you will kiss me.”
“Always remember your kiss will pump fresh air in my heart and make me alive . Your single touch to my lips will fill gallons of blood when you blow air .
Means your touch your presence is my life”.


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