250 ₹ corn

Its a beautiful morning of a friday my so called holiday. As every friday i give my 3 hours only to my medical shop instead of routine 9 hours as other days of weeks.

Early morning i awoke at 6 and tried to awake my self in thinking for online jobs and searching best insurance policy for my car .

So left bed and reached kitchen for making tea to show love to my sleeping beauty.

And with sip of tea in my balcony we discussed many matters like my beauty’s garden plants , films , children of tution classes of my Darling, news, bulbul , goraiya , and squirrels which were making noice for alerting from cat which was sitting in windowsill and about friday schedule.

Then did some gardening on terrace.

And discussed about breakfast, decided to make poha instead of bringing samosa .

During brunch my love suggested to have corn from ring road far from approximate 10 to 12 km. and to go there by car.

10 to 12 km is not the distance of matter for metros,but it is quite far for people whose city end in 5 km.

Is it nice idea?

Yes always yes for me because i love my darling she is still beautiful when she is mother of 20 years old daughter, she is my girlfriend since my college days. Time couln’t leave a mark on her beauty,

I always enjoy to share my seat on bike or car. So its a nice idea to enjoy corn with beautiful sitescene greenry and drizzling weather in ring road.

Suddenly i missed all the beautiful things by saying corn is too expensive and it doesn’t worth ₹ 250.

Thus i gave birth for many taunts for future.

₹250 corn