I was at medical store .

“Uncle , uncle …..” . 4-5 years old boy raised his hands to counter of shop .

“Uncle , uncle … medicine.”

Shop owner was busy with my prescription.

That boy who could not even reach upto height of counter again said ” uncle ….

” Yes wait ” shopowner replied as he kept my prescription aside.

As the boy was seeming in hurry , he told to him “yes”.

Boy giraffed his neck and kept an empty strip with coins on counter.

Cute boy , really he was very cute . And he was very glad because he came out first time to purchase anything .

Busy in giving him medicine, he enquired, ” from where have you come ? ”

” My home .”

Shopowner smiled and we exchanged our eyes.

” Ok whose son you are ? ”

” My mom’s . ”

He collected medicine and ran towards his home .

We both were surprised with his cute and ignorant answer.


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